Foaming Hand Soap 1 Gallon Pump Dispenser


Use this simple pump with Hexoff Foaming Soap 1 Gallon bottles to generate the right mix of soap and air bubbles.

SKU: 415-DS08 Weight: 1 lbs Dimensions: 4 × 4 × 12 in Category:


Replace conventional hand soap in washrooms and break rooms to provide workers with a safe and highly effective way to clean, disinfect, and remove CrVl from their hands and skin. Provides the same germ fighting strength of conventional hand soap, but acts on a molecular level to release microscopic deposits of Hexavalent Chromium and other heavy metals from the skin.

Everyone uses the bathroom soap, so introducing HexOff here makes an immediate health impact on the entire organization.

Replace washroom soap dispensers with HexOff Foaming Soap dispensers.

Our rich foam hand soap is ecologically friendlier than other liquid hand soaps and is delivered more uniformly, reducing overuse. It does not contain EDTA, Phosphates, or other harmful chemicals and its low sudsing formula is safe for all wastewater systems.

Leaves skin hydrated and feeling great!